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My JVC camcorder screen has gone black?

The team provides Burton JVC camcorder repairs that cover all manner of viewfinder and LCD screen problems.

Simply include your model number when you make an enquiry with the phone number or online form provided.

My JVC camcorder battery is not charging?

A battery replacement might be required or the power cord has become damaged.

For a no obligation on Burton JVC camcorder repairs by courier service, just use the website form.

Are the team offering JVC camcorder repairs for Burton factory trained?

Yes all JVC camcorder repairs for Burton are performed by factory trained technicians using manufacturer specified parts.

The JVC Authorised Service Centre covers the whole of Dorset by insured couriers.

JVC Camcorder Repair Burton

JVC camcorder repairs Burton Dorset with quick turnarounds for most camcorder issues.

The best JVC camcorder repairs offered for customers in Burton include:

• Excellent customer service
• High quality camcorder parts
• Manufacturer trained technicians
• 90 day warranty on all JVC camcorder repairs

The dedicated and fully trained team offer JVC camcorder repairs for Burton via courier service.

To arrange JVC camcorder repairs Burton in Dorset, simply fill in the JVC camcorder form or call the team.

JVC camcorder repair Burton

Burton JVC Camcorder Repair

Professional JVC camcorder repairs Burton at the large camcorder repair centre.

As a JVC Pro Authorised Service Centre the fully trained technicians can offer superior JVC camcorder repairs for Burton in Dorset as they utilise the best camcorder parts and repair equipment for each JVC camcorder repair.

JVC camcorder repairs Burton cover most models including:

• GY-HM100
• GY-HD100
• GY-HD101
• GY-HM700
• GY-HD250
• GY-HD251
• GY-HM790

These are just some of the JVC camcorders repaired and serviced by the professionals.

Fast turnaround times for Burton JVC camcorder repairs by collection and delivery service with national coverage.

Common faults that the team can repair are:

• LCD broken
• Viewfinder faulty
• Camcorder damaged
• Lens damaged
• Battery not charging
• Mechanism jammed

This is just some of the JVC camcorder repairs that we can offer if you are in Burton.

Burton JVC camcorder repair comes with fault testing and a warranty.

To request JVC camcorder repairs Burton, simply phone us or provide the following information:

• Contact details
• JVC model number
• Overview of JVC camcorder problem

The experienced team will get in touch shortly.

Recent Enquires

dropped of couch not working


screen not turning on red light comes on for charging but the screen remains black.


cannot access files on hardrive.wont record zoom does not work.


the viewfinder was knocked and has become slitghly loose sagging down from the horizontal not much but enough to make getting shots framed properly tricky. it needs to be tightened back into the orginal position if this is possible.


fault 1 lcd screen does not come on even though all menu settings are correct and you can not use the lcd bright buttons to ajust brighnessdimness. fault 2 general problem with tape door failing to openclose correctly and will not load tapes.


lcd screeen comes on then goes fuzzy and we carnt see what were filming everything else seems ok


small speck appearing on recordings lens cleaned speck seems to be internal


the play button on the top is broken


intermittent red cast on video.when you tap it the red goes away and image is blue and green but sees red as black